Subscriptions available


Here you can download the G.A.T. Engine application and also order a subscription. The following subscription plans are available:

- G.A.T. stand-alone (12 months) - €34

- G.A.T. and WG bundle (8 months) - €39


The bundle offer is a means to get new users started with both programs at a reduced cost. Bundled subscriptions will have the license expire the same date on both programs. If the user wishes to renew a stand-alone or bundle subscription, please check the renewal process below for further information and discounts.


You can use the currency converter below to approximately estimate the cost to your currency. Paypal might use a slightly different rate.



Once downloaded, G.A.T. Engine operates in DEMO mode. It is fully operational to all its features, except the display of predictions. You can evaluate the performance based on the statistics produced and the provided Compare feature. A valid subscription unlocks the display of the prediction results, for the duration of the license.


System requirements

- Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 (32/64 bit), Windows 10

- 256 - 512MB memory is sufficient for most runs.

- Internet connection required for the licensed version. If you do not have access to Internet, then you will not be able to run G.A.T. even if you have a valid license.

- Prediction heavily benefits from a fast CPU, although G.A.T. can run on slower machines. The more you let the engine run, more chances to get even better overall results.


Order a subscription


Once an order for subscription has been received, we are unable to cancel it, thus no refund can be claimed as well. Therefore, please verify the system works properly, meets your needs and can access the internet before placing an order. To test the connection from within the programs, use the menu "Help -> Activate". On validation and completion of the order, the automated subscription system will send an e-mail to the e-mail used during the payment, within a few minutes, with your license data. Follow the e-mail instructions to fully activate your subscription. Furthermore, you will be able to login to the Licensed Users Account Management area (found at the home page) and manage your account. Please also provide the following information at the payment process, which is required to register you as a G.A.T. Engine user:


- Full name

- e-mail

- Address

- City (Area), Post code

- Country


The above, as submitted at the payment process will be the information of the license and the e-mail provided will be the one to receive the license/registration data and to contact you if required via e-mail. The information is required and will be used only for the registration and license creation process and it will not be shared with any third party for any reason.


IMPORTANT: Please make sure your e-mail account can accept e-mails from domain. If you do not receive your license within 24 hours, this may be due to some ISPs blocking even legitimate e-mails in an attempt to reduce the SPAM effect. We are not against such policies of course, however it is not improbable that our e-mails will not be 'victims' of banned IP ranges or other policies. In that case, please first check your spam folder. If not found, we certainly cannot contact you via e-mail. In that case, please use the forums and send a private message to the administrator 'lottoarchitect' so to find another means of providing the license.


Renewal of subscription


We do not have neither enforce automated charges at the end of a subscription. The user has to re-subscribe so to get a new license. The renewal process is available from within the account management only. Renewal of a stand-alone subscription currently benefits from 2 extra months bonus to the new expiry (14 months total, equal to 15% discount over the normal value). Renewal of a bundle subscription offers a further 22% discount over individual renewal of bundled IDs. Renewals are possible whilst a license is still active. If the current license expire, renewal is not possible and a new ID will be issued without any time benefits/discount.

- WG stand-alone renewal (14 months) - €24

- G.A.T. stand-alone renewal (14 months) - €34

- G.A.T. and WG bundle renewal (12 months) - €39


Download and subscribe to G.A.T. Engine


Please use the external links provided. If problems persist, please try again later. We are unable to resolve download issues of the various servers thus contacting us will not help in that case. If however you notice broken links please let us know.

Please also read the license agreement before downloading, installing and/or subscribing to G.A.T. Engine. You may also want to check out the new GAT Engine Lottery Numbers Prediction Online Service, an online version of GAT Engine with predictions readily available for various lottery games around the world.


Download from local server

or download from External Link -

or download from External Link -


Also the help file is available as PDF if the supplied help file (in DOC format) does not work on your system.

External Link -


Subscription type for new users - G.A.T. stand-alone (1 year) - €34


Subscription type for new users - G.A.T. and WG bundle (8 months) - €39