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G.A.T. Engine

Theory and concept

Let's start with the simple one million dollar question :

Is it possible to predict a true random event? The answer is plainly no. Is a lotto draw a true random event? Well, given the results I have seen from the GAT engine I believe I can say it is not all that random. So, perhaps lotto draws are not truly random and can be exploited? GAT is designed to try to take advantage of this reduced randomness of lotto draws. Actually mathematically there are levels of randomness but we tend to call them all random because we cannot find a way to estimate properly the next outcome with the traditional approaches. I think the GAT Engine might change our thinking on the way we might understand so called random events and predicting outcomes.

So, how can GAT make predictions to provide regular reward?

Lotto draws have reduced randomness, but never the less it is still very difficult to forecast a result by traditional analytical methods, such as Hot/Cold/Due, numbers frequency, statistical analysis, least square or other approaches known so far. Therefore the lottery looks random to most people and I couldn't agree more with this statement. But the way I choose to understand this apparent reduced randomness is by finding that consecutive draws can share a "common characteristic". Exploration of this common characteristic of consecutive draws led to the conception of my prediction engine and ultimately to its creation. The focus of the engine is to try to identify these common characteristics which I call the "signature" of the current draws of the lottery. GAT is then able to make predictions based on that signature. As new draws are added to the history this signature changes, so a prediction using a signature of the past eventually loses its relevance. However, this signature will remain more or less valid for several draws, and may extend to 10 draws ahead or more. That means, if we are able to determine a good signature for a given set of say 10 consecutive draws, this signature can forecast quite well for several draws ahead, even giving rise to the jackpot draw!

Signature in more depth

A signature however cannot be evaluated by one means only. The same consecutive draws, may have many common characteristics, or a single common characteristic might be able to be evaluated in different ways. In the GAT engine, this is addressed by the concept of a GAT table, where each GAT table represents the different means the common characteristic has been evaluated, or the tables are a means of combining the various common characteristics. So in effect the more GAT tables, the more common characteristics are discovered, or more variations of a common characteristic are exploited. In short, each GAT table represents an attempt to find the best way to evaluate the common characteristics to our benefit which ultimately means a better prediction outcome.

About the scanning process

The process is really quite straight forward. Load your favorite lotto game, let GAT do its prediction and then you decide on a GAT table to use based on its performance over the real history of draws tested. Since the introduction of the new automatic scan mode, the final decision can made by the program itself if so desired!

Further notes

We believe you'll be pleasantly surprized to observe GAT Engine tables produce hits regularly, and doing this with a frequency which will be very much better than natural probability. GAT Engine can even make the prediction of powerballs within reach! Can't be easier than that!

If you want a better and deeper understanding of the various prediction methodologies available today and how GAT Engine deals with the prediction subject and what makes it novel and unique, a detailed review called The Art of Lottery Numbers Prediction written by the author of the GAT Engine software Anastasios Tampakis, is available as a PDF file. The reader will appreciate the difficulty in making a lottery prediction and why G.A.T. Engine clearly stands out from the other numerous approaches available today.

Good luck with your GAT Engine lotto number predictor.