Matrix Wheels

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Matrix Wheels

Post by draughtsman » Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:41 am


Credit goes to baal-habait for this useful new type of wheel named "matrix wheel".

What is a matrix wheel

A matrix wheel will allow playing with MANY more numbers in much LESS combinations. These wheels can be used only with picking an even amount of numbers, and will consider each 2 numbers as one PAIR to be played with another 2 different PAIRS (to form 6 numbers draw). This will guarantee a 6 from 6 prize, in case the 3 required pairs are included among the list of actually playing pairs.

In more detail

In the first step - the user should pick an EVEN group of numbers to play with.
In the second step - the user should pick the specific desired pairs to play with from within the first step's picked numbers (one pair = any conjunction of 2 different numbers, while each individual NUMBER must be used only once within the entire played pairs).

For example, let's say we want to play with 12 numbers (an even group of numbers)
the numbers we've picked in an ascending order are:


now we should pick 6 individual pairs from the above 12 numbers, so let's say these are the 6 individual pairs we've picked:


so the conjunctions / actual ascending order combinations will be:

02&22,06&33,07&28 / 02 06 07 22 28 33
02&22,06&33,09&24 / 02 06 09 22 24 33
02&22,06&33,11&14 / 02 06 11 14 22 33
02&22,06&33,19&27 / 02 06 19 22 27 33
02&22,07&28,09&24 / 02 07 09 22 24 28
02&22,07&28,11&14 / 02 07 11 14 22 28
02&22,07&28,19&27 / 02 07 19 22 27 28
02&22,09&24,11&14 / 02 09 11 14 22 24
02&22,09&24,19&27 / 02 09 19 22 24 27
02&22,11&14,19&27 / 02 11 14 19 22 27
06&33,07&28,09&24 / 06 07 09 24 28 33
06&33,07&28,11&14 / 06 07 11 14 28 33
06&33,07&28,19&27 / 06 07 19 27 28 33
06&33,09&24,11&14 / 06 09 11 14 24 33
06&33,09&24,19&27 / 06 09 19 24 27 33
06&33,11&14,19&27 / 06 11 14 19 27 33
07&28,09&24,11&14 / 07 09 11 14 24 28
07&28,09&24,19&27 / 07 09 19 24 27 28
07&28,11&14,19&27 / 07 11 14 19 27 28
09&24,11&14,19&27 / 09 11 14 19 24 27

How to create matrix wheels in Lotto Architect

We'll use exclusively number groups system for this.

Step 1: Design a number group with all your numbers and set matching criteria to maximum value only (this is 6 for an 6 balls game). All other matching criteria (0-5) should be deselected. Save this group in an empty session (not to interference with other irrelevant number groups).
This number group serves the purpose of having all generated tickets contain our picked numbers only. The same effect can be achieved by using the Global Number Filter but this requires two different calculation steps and therefore not recommended.

Step 2: Create as many number groups required to cover all your pairs. In each number group, mark your 2 numbers (your pair) and set matching criteria to 0 and 2 only (not 1). Save these groups in the same session as step 1.
Setting matching parameters to 0: Allows a pair not to appear in a ticket (therefore another pair can be used)
Setting matching parameters to 2: Ensures that if a pair has to appear, both its numbers will be used in the ticket.

Step 3: Go to Stage 2 calculations and use that session (use All available range of tickets for this). The result is tickets generated by our matrix wheel.

For the above example, we should create the following number groups:
1) 02,06,07,09,11,14,19,22,24,27,28,33 (matching criteria 6 only)
2) 02,22 (matching criteria 0,2 only)
3) 06,33 (matching criteria 0,2 only)
4) 07,28 (matching criteria 0,2 only)
5) 09,24 (matching criteria 0,2 only)
6) 11,14 (matching criteria 0,2 only)
7) 19,27 (matching criteria 0,2 only)

Do you have the matrix wheel ready to download on the website or can this only be done through number groups? If not, how can I make this custom wheel? If this wheel can be done without going in numbers group, it would be great!

Well, the matrix wheel is essentially the same as Serotic wheels (Jackpot version) we discussed recently. Only number groups can deal with this sort of wheels. I forgot there was this post when you asked about those wheels to point you here.

I recall you said " no overlapping" of pairs and or triplets for the wheel to work. But what if we use another session, does that make sense? How could I do this, I thought it through a lot but I guess I don't understand Lotto Architect well enough yet to come up with something.

The wheel gives great lines but so many lines with same pairs, Our chances would be much higher if these same lines had different pairs. If they managed to put all pairs and triplets overlapped on top of each other, there must be a way don't you think? Unless I don't understand the deepness to do all this. You might be able to enlighten me on my best options and something that is doable with Lotto Architect to improve pairing and tripling, and why not quading... and

This would be the holy grail of wheels. Is it a limitation by your software simply the no overlapping of pairs triplets etc...?

In Lotto Architect you can create overlapping groups. There are no limitations as to what every group can contain, if it overlaps with any other group(s) or their matching criteria. The question is: Will overlapping groups produce Serotic wheels (or matrix wheels)? The answer is NO because NO OVERLAPPING is a requirement of such wheels - not a limitation of the program. Overlapping is useful when performing a filtering process in Lotto Architect and you can use it of course.

If you have any idea how to produce such wheels with overlap feel free to post it. What would be the properties of such wheels?

The wheel gives great lines but so many lines with same pairs, Our chances would be much higher if these same lines had different pairs.

I disagree with that. The reason Serotic wheels are so great to hit the jackpot is because they have the same pairs appear in several tickets. If you have a pair appear in only in one ticket as you say, then you are not guaranteed to hit the jackpot even if this pair comes out. You can't reduce the lines in a Serotic Jackpot wheel without ruining the Jackpot guarantee. Another solution is to go for a determined Serotic guarantee i.e. 5if6 (not Jackpot) which produces much fewer tickets. These wheels cannot be produced in Lotto Architect.

If they managed to put all pairs and triplets overlapped on top of each other, there must be a way don't you think?

How? Give an example how this is possible for a Pick 6 game. 2+2+2=6 and 3+3=6. Only pairs or only triples can be in the same ticket but not both. Can you do this in a different way?
Finally you can make quads and quints in Lotto Architect. These are typically used for Keno wheels but KENO style games (more than 7 numbers/ticket) are not supported in Lotto Architect.
A quad can be combined with a pair (4+2=6) to produce a pick 6 Serotic Jackpot wheel.

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Re: Matrix Wheels

Post by MalikRo » Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:06 am

I love Matrix wheels, thanks Baal.

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