New Wheel Generator and GAT Engine 3.0.2 versions

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New Wheel Generator and GAT Engine 3.0.2 versions

Post by lottoarchitect » Sat Feb 08, 2020 10:01 pm

New versions of these programs were made available today.

The changes mostly include known bug-fixes. Most notably, we hopefully have addressed this error message "Ordinal X not found" which shows up on some installations. Please let us know if you had that error and if it is gone after this update.

For GAT Engine 3.0.2, we have addressed a known bug which could not save in a state the retained GAT IDs if added via the panorama menu. This also results in an incompatibility vs GAT 3.0 state files which can't be loaded in the new GAT.

Wheel Generator has some more extensive changes. Addressed a bug which connected the priority sliders to the bias operation. This fix resulted in some more changes: we have re-introduced the bias multiplier mechanism. At the optimization panel we now have a list of various settings ranging from x0.0001 up to x10000. The default setting x1 is the same as WG 1.8.5. The other settings are useful in various more "extreme" constructions. Bigger than x1 is mostly useful in coverings having too many blocks (in the range of thousands), and coverings having t<<m e.g. 3if6 constructions. Smaller values like x0.01 etc are mostly useful in coverings which include normal guide filters. As usual the whole point in optimization is to let the coverage fluctuate a bit. Use the bias multiplier to have the slider in a more "correct" range to operate on. Always start with x1 and adjust as needed if required.
Along the lines of setting a correct bias, we also introduce a new indicator at the progress panel. At the end of the improvements line we now have an extra value which indicates how many different blocks have been altered by the engine over the last [ b ] (total blocks of the covering) changes. Values in the range of 1-3 usually indicate a "stuck" condition by the engine, i.e. the engine only changes up to just 3 different blocks which is usually a cycle between these blocks therefore a stuck condition. We usually aim to have a value greater than 5.
Please also check the help file for more info on these new features.


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