New Wheel Generator version will come out in the following months

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New Wheel Generator version will come out in the following months

Post by lottoarchitect » Wed Nov 17, 2021 3:51 pm

This is a teaser of what will come in the new WG version. It has been a long awaited for Wheel Generator to be able to support bigger values for k,t,m and I am pleased to announce a working version of Wheel Generator which can tackle sizes for k up to 25 and m up to 20. Not every possible combination of v,k,t,m is possible however, k and m new limits are the maximum permitted but actual construction might not be possible if requirements go beyond what can be handled. Along this new long awaited improvement, there is a new optimization algorithm called "Linear scan", it is similar to what Cyclic does but it performs a quite different approach to wheel building and has assisted several times in making new records, many of which are included in the list below. Also fixed a rarely occurring bug in Hits analysis where total occurrences report incorrect results (typically missing one combination unreported). Removed the alternative bias checkbox as it deemed not very useful for now (may be reintroduced after being adjusted accordingly). Speed has been increased overall a bit more too and there are a couple more improvements here and there, like an improvement to the hits analysis where we can limit the lower division hits evaluation to a more manageable size. What I am astonished about this WG engine is its ability to break records. This is a list of new (yet) unpublished records which till now was not possible to create in WG due to k,m parameter limitation of 12 and these where made using WG during the development of this new version:

33,13,4,4=101 (ex 103)
34,13,4,4=108 (ex 112)
35,13,4,4=127 (ex 135)
36,13,4,4=144 (ex 148)
37,13,4,4=157 (ex 160)

25,13,6,6=233 (ex 251)
26,13,6,6=313 (ex 348)
27,13,6,6=408 (ex 443)
28,13,6,6=576 (ex 606)
29,13,6,6=720 (ex 738)

36,14,4,4=104 (ex 108)
37,14,4,4=110 (ex 118)
38,14,4,4=116 (ex 138)
39,14,4,4=140 (ex 145)
40,14,4,4=153 (ex 155)
41,14,4,4=161 (ex 187)
42,14,4,4=194 (ex 216)

25,15,6,6=97 (ex 99)
27,15,6,6=124 (ex 126)

45,16,4,4=134 (ex 136)
46,16,4,4=151 (ex 157)

43,17,4,4=106 (ex 108)
44,17,4,4=109 (ex 114)
45,17,4,4=112 (ex 124)
46,17,4,4=115 (ex 127)
47,17,4,4=126 (ex 130)
48,17,4,4=134 (ex 138)

47,18,4,4=110 (ex 117)
48,18,4,4=113 (ex 122)
49,18,4,4=121 (ex 127)
50,18,4,4=129 (ex 131)

48,19,4,4=106 (ex 109)
49,19,4,4=108 (ex 114)
50,19,4,4=112 (ex 120)
51,19,4,4=114 (ex 125)
52,19,4,4=119 (ex 129)

51,20,4,4=107 (ex 112)
52,20,4,4=110 (ex 117)
53,20,4,4=113 (ex 119)
54,20,4,4=117 (ex 122)
55,20,4,4=120 (ex 126)
56,20,4,4=123 (ex 127)
57,20,4,4=132 (ex 135)
58,20,4,4=138 (ex 141)
59,20,4,4=145 (ex 153)
60,20,4,4=166 (ex 197)
61,20,4,4=185 (ex 210)
62,20,4,4=207 (ex 219)

there even more records made but I think the list is representative of what WG can do. The ex values are current records to the best of my knowledge. So, stay tuned, this new version will hopefully come out early new year or sooner. This post is made to illustrate what is already developed and currently tested and will become available soon. Also starting from this new version, we change the version naming of WG to a single number. This new version will be Wheel Generator 2.

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