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Development updates

Post by lottoarchitect » Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:43 am

Dear users, development of the new versions of GAT and WG are underway. We are still at an early stage of the new improvements however a basic draft of the overall plan follows:

GAT Engine 3.0:

- Download official lotteries from GAT Online to use in GAT Engine.
- Automated scan mode
- Ability to queue scans
- Pick style games support is under consideration too. GAT can support this type of games, the only drawback is the tedious manual update of history required (GAT Online cannot support at the moment Pick style games so to be automatically downloaded) and the limited time available between the runs. Anyway, I believe the automated approach will relieve much of this burden thus I consider pick games support for inclusion as many users prefer this style of games.
- Support for a new subscription approach (discussed below)

Wheel Generator 2.0:

There are some nice additions to be done here, more in due time. For now the major focus is on GAT Engine development. Wheel Generator will also get updated to support the new subscription approach.

GAT Online:
Will of course have many more games added. It will also utilize the new automated scan mode of GAT which will be quite more complete compared to the current approach (thus even better outcome is expected).


Currently GAT, WG and GAT Online work on a timed subscription approach. This mode will remain, however we introduce alongside a new type of subscription which rely on usage points.
So there will be "timed" and "usage" type of subscriptions. Both have benefits and each is suitable to different type of users.
First, all current subscriptions will transform to the model used in GAT Online, where an account will be identified by an e-mail and password. Under that e-mail account, both "timed" and "usage" subscriptions are applicable.
The "timed" subscription type will work the same way as it currently does, i.e. a fixed cost with a fixed expiry date and one license per system limitation. "Timed" subscriptions are more tailored to heavy users who may run the engines a lot.
The "usage" subscription lifts all the limits imposed by the "timed" subscription and will allow usage among GAT, WG, GAT Online Service and potentially any future program capable for this mode and also allows multiple users/systems under the same account. Additionally there is no fixed cost, i.e. the user can get as many "usage points" as he wants to spread across the programs/systems/users. This "usage" subscription type is more suitable for casual users.
Both subscription types can be active at the same time, whenever a "timed" subscription is active, it will not consume "usage points" on the system activated by the license.

These are the major changes/additions to come in the following months. Any comments, suggestions etc are welcome. There are even more to come but I have to draw a line here :)


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Re: Development updates

Post by Paperino » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:27 pm

Sounds good. I recently renewed my license, mostly because I haven't found anything better for my needs and lottery budget.

May I suggest to send this update to all subscribers, I don't think people would be too bothered by 1-2 mails a year. Unfortunately the era of message boards seems to be ending, likely due to the popularity of "social" media.

Best wishes

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