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Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:17 am
by FreedomRocks
Thank You Bro. Eagerly waiting for GATOLS. BEST WISHES. :=))

Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:36 pm
by Starbreaker
Hello Anastasios, long time no see!! :)

I would like for the following three (3) American lottery games from New York State to be supported;

1) Lotto - Drawn every Wednesday and Saturday

2) Cash 4 Life - Drawn every Monday and Thursday

3) Take 5 - Drawn once every day, seven days a week

All the information, past history and details on each game can be found at the official New York Lottery website here

Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:39 am
by tintan
Hi Anastasios!

Great improvement making GAT online - congratulations for your hard work.
I have seen some requests for the Aussie lotteries - Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto and Powerball. However, could you add the Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto and the
Set for Life, please ? ... st-results
Thanks for your hard work :-)

Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:56 am
by lottoarchitect
Hi tintan, at the moment daily lottery games are very hard to support due to the very limited time available between draws to get the latest result, prepare a new prediction (which will be computed among other computations for other lotteries) and allow enough time for users to prepare their tickets. I don't say it is not possible to support such games at a later implementation, however at this stage I consider only lotteries drawn 2-3 times per week and have a time span between the draws of 24-36 48-72 hours so to allow enough time for the required prediction, which is really the part that takes the most time to prepare depending on the game analyzed.
I had a question for the Monday/Wednesday lotto. Given it seems to be the same lottery game, does it make sense to present just an entry like Monday/Wednesday Lotto or should I make this two separate lotteries? I currently treat this as a single entity.

Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:14 am
by tintan
Hi lottoarchitect!

Thanks for the explanation regarding the daily game called Set for Life and I do hope it could be possible to have this implemented some time in a near future. Answering your question regarding the Monday / Wednesday and Saturday 6/45 + 2 BB - they should have their data files separated for each lottery because their results together could bring wrong analysis from my experience.If you need some help let me know regarding their data files from the past draws.
I recently subscribed to the online service but I couldn`t see for the Oz Lotto some predictions. Is Oz Lotto available?

Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:51 am
by lottoarchitect
I know Saturday lotto is a different game. My question was for Monday and Wednesday lotto, should I treat this as different games, or a unified entry Monday/Wednesday? The only reason against unification is if the draws are performed differently between Monday and Wednesday, the draw ID however indicates this is a single lottery.
At the moment, only preregistration is offered at the website. Preregistration is a means to declare your support to the service and as a gift I offer a discount when the official registrations become available at the launch of the service. I let some lotteries show at the system so users can check out the overall mechanism/display of the service. At this moment, I don't display any predictions. These will become available when the service will be officially up and running, along with the actual registration process, which will denote the official launch date for the service. When predictions and the official registration will become available, I'll announce it here. We are quite close to this anyway. I can say the system is 95% ready to go live.

Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:41 am
by lottoarchitect
I'll also describe the inner workings of the whole system. So how the whole thing works?

First there is the capability to spread the process among various servers, thus capacity is not really an issue. If there is demand for more lotteries to be supported, this is possible by the addition of new servers. So each server, will be responsible for particular lotteries and all their related processes.
Every one hour sharp, the system collects data (new draws) from around the world and updates the website with any latest new draws it has gathered or new predictions it may have prepared. The extraction method for new draws is universal and uses the official websites to extract the latest drawn numbers. If a new lottery draw becomes available, the lottery is scheduled for prediction. If currently there are other lotteries being computed, the scheduler waits for a running task to be completed before launching a new prediction process for a particular lottery - so not to hinder the currently computed lotteries. Lotteries for prediction are primarily scheduled based on due time till next draw, so we give priority to lotteries that will be be drawn sooner. When the server will really have quite many lotteries to manage, the waiting time to get a prediction is expected to be beyond 24 hours after the last draw (thus the need for 2-3 days period between the draws) but we want this to be ready at least 24 hours before the next draw. If a situation arise that a particular lottery cannot get computed within these limits, then it will be the time to introduce a new server to the process. For the initial 20-30 or even more major lotteries that will be in the system, the expectation is a single server will be able to handle this. When more and more lotteries are introduced, a second or more servers will get introduced. Daily games will really push the need for more and more servers, thus I don't consider this right now. Daily games should really have their own server, completely dedicated to these particular lotteries. Within the whole structure, backup mechanisms should be available, like a standby server to take over if a server fails for whatever reason, so to have the service uninterrupted.

Lotteries which involve a second field (i.e. powerball) are really treated as two individual lotteries (one scanning process for the main field, one for the powerball). A typical running time for a lottery game can vary between 1 hour up to 6 hours or even more based on the behavior of the lottery - if the automated GAT realizes it has to keep scanning for more GATs, it will do so. This time can vary greatly even for the same lottery among the various draws, so e.g. a scan process may take only 1 hour to predict draw #1000 but it may take 3 hours to predict draw #1001 for the same lottery. Thus it is really not possible to have a fixed time to present a new prediction because of this, plus if there are other running predictions there may be a delay to initiate the prediction process for that lottery. Also, there may be a delay at the commission website to display the latest draw for the service to grab it and initiate a prediction plus if the draw involves two fields, both must be predicted. For all those reasons, we say that typically a prediction will not be ready up to 24 hours after a new lottery draw is made. Of course if a prediction can be produced right away, without any such delays it will become available sooner at the website.

For the actual prediction process, main fields get predicted for k + 2 up to 18 numbers (k=total drawn numbers for the field) and the second field produces predictions for 1-4 numbers (even if it draws 2 numbers like euromillions). Important to note: the system makes completely separate predictions for each "class" of picked numbers. As an example that means, a prediction with 15 picked numbers will generally not have all its numbers found in a 18 picked numbers prediction (for the same draw). Simply said, the 18 picked numbers prediction is NOT a super set of the 15 picked numbers prediction plus 3 more numbers. The predictions are completely independent. The only case this may occur is if the GAT make the decision to use the same GAT ID table for both the 15 picked numbers and the 18 picked numbers, if it judges this is the best solution to use. The website also display picked numbers down to 1. These are extracted from the lowest class computed (k+2) using the prediction string of that GAT ID. Due to this "class independence", the advice is to stick with a particular amount of picked numbers.

Not sure if I have described this clearly enough. I may also post a screenshot of the service running on the development server.


Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:12 am
by sasharp65
Hello Anastasios,

I would like for the following three (3) American lottery games from Pennsylvania to be supported;

1) Cash 5 - Drawn once every evening.

2) Match 6 - Drawn Monday and Thursday evenings.

All the information, past history and details on each game can be found at the official Pennsylvania website here



Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 6:15 am
by tintan
Hi Lottoarchitect,

Answering your question, Monday is a separeted game from Wednesday game. As you have pointed out, their IDs should be treated separated.
And thanks again for explaining about the servers and the times of the draws. Certainly it is a lot of work for you and I look forward to subscribe to your
service as soon as you let us know over here at the forum.

Re: Coming soon - GAT Engine Online service!

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:31 pm
by lottoarchitect
Wheeling is in place with various wheels targeting 3if3, 3if4, 4if4 and 4if5 coverings. Most wheels are in the range of 3-20 blocks, most optimized for dual coverage (i.e. 3if4 + 4if5) for maximum outcome using Wheel Generator of course. The wheeling option becomes available right below the prediction for the next draw, thus you'll not see it till some lotteries have been fully computed/predicted to all their displayed history. If you believe more or other types of wheels should be added too, let me know when you see the wheeling options in the following days.
Speaking of predictions, I have started the production server to finally compute predictions. At this moment, I have set it to prepare predictions for OZ Lotto (Australia) and as it slowly produces predictions, you'll be able to see them at the website. I'll gradually introduce the predictions for the other lotteries too the following days and then we go live officially!

:P :D 8-)