Some starter playing strategies

Discussion on strategies that can be developed within Lotto Architect
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Some starter playing strategies

Post by draughtsman » Sun Jan 27, 2008 5:44 am


Strategy 1 - used only if you target a specific guaranteed prize.
Pick an abbreviated wheel based on your budget. Determine the numbers to use by one of the following ways:

1 - Perform several HCD (Hot/Cold/Due system) reports. Each time, adjust the parameters slightly. What you look for is to have as more Matches hits, equal or greater than your match condition. You can use the "add to notepad" feature (right-click in the report of HCD) to store these settings in the notepad if the results are satisfactory. Then you can review them and apply HCD with those parameters. Also, observe the trends of the matches produced at the report. That way you can determine approximately if the lottery has a "good" trend to use the HCD results. Not so important but offers some guide too. To see the trends more clearly, increase the draws tested size (eg 50 or more).

2 - Perform a statistical analysis to determine the numbers to play, if you believe you can pick more accurate/correct numbers to use. For experienced users only.

Save this wheel with the optimal numbers produced by HCD or your own selection. Proceed to Stage 1 calculations to produce the final tickets to play. In this strategy, is not suggested to proceed to filtering as this will invalidate the guarantee of the wheel. In this strategy, you can add more abbreviated wheels, each one with totally different numbers. Your overall cost will increase of course.

Strategy 2 (my favourite) - targets to jackpot prize.
Pick a full wheel (eg 24/30 numbers etc). Determine the best possible numbers to use with this wheel (as described above). Proceed to Stage 1 calculations to produce the tickets of this full wheel. Proceed to "intelligent filtering". This means to determine smaller number sets that do not produce the major prize at all. Details can be found in the help file on this but a quick guide is to fine tune HCD system to produce "bad" number sets. Apply these number sets as filters in the number groups system. Proceed to stage 2 calculations and filter stage 1 output (your full wheel). This process is much more accurate than any other filtering system. If you need more filtering, proceed to setup rejection filters (sums, gaps etc). Again, use the reports feature to determine good/bad filtering. When you add some filters, proceed to stage 3 calculations and filter your previous filtered tickets. After each calculation, don't forget to save your new filtered tickets. They will be applied to sequential filtering until you reach your final target. Strategies to follow on rejection filters vary a lot. I could suggest to use the "remove out of bounds" algorithm in all categories as a first try. The rest depends on your experience on filtering with sums etc. Still, reports can guide you what to use or not.

Strategy 3 - targets to jackpot prize.
Omit wheels/Stage 1 calculations and begin filtering from the full available range. The benefit is that you are guaranteed to have the winning combination at your initial ticket listing. Drawback: demands of filtering increase a lot, so precise filtering must be used. Intelligent filtering will greatly help here. This approach is good and applicable for smaller types of games eg 5/45 (up to 1 million tickets in total).


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Re: Some starter playing strategies

Post by GavinS » Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:01 am

Hi LA,

In your Strategy 2 (which I believe is brilliant!!), you mention "Apply these number sets as filters in the number groups system." How do I do this?

Do I need to enter each line in the smaller wheel manually as a number group, set matching criteria to 6 then use the rejected numbers? Then I have another problem. I cannot save rejected tickets.

Also, how do I fine tune HCD?


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Re: Some starter playing strategies

Post by jorel » Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:58 am

how could you use the graph of veen
  filters to avoid conflicts?

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