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Simple Strategy

Post by draughtsman » Sun Jan 27, 2008 5:26 am



I downloaded Lotto Architect a few weeks ago and thought it was a brilliant programme until I started to use it and then still felt that it was a briilliant programme, but I must be dumb *lol* (that hasn't stopped me from recommending it to my friends though). I just want to use a simple strategy to generate lines to play based on some simple criteria. I have 28 (or however many) numbers that I want to use to generate a limited amount of lines (lets say 28 lines) to play in the next draw. I want the lines to use the filters odd/even, decades, final digits, consecutives and the amount of times numbers appeared together in previous draws (these would obviously be the rejection filters section). I have read through the tutorial and have worked through it several times, but seem to end up with no lines whatsoever to use. This seems like a simple process but I can't seem to get it to work. Any help will be much appreciated

Hi Axeman, to your questions:

I suspect you want your final tickets to contain only numbers from the 28 number set you have. A few options are available for this: either generate a full wheel with those numbers or use the global number filter and perform stage 1 calculations to generate an initial ticket listing to filter later with rejection filters. An alternative option is to use an abbreviated wheel with those 28 numbers (28 number wheels not included in the program so you have to import them with the database manager) but in this case filtering is not recommended. Finally another option is to use number groups if you want more complicated relationships among the 28 numbers picked (stage 2 calculations).

Now, once you have your initial ticket listing, you setup the rejection filters. All the filters you mention belong to rejection filters obviously. If you started with "all available tickets possible" in stage 3 calculations and ended with 0 tickets, this 99% means that the filters you setup are mutually exclusive, so all combinations are rejected by the filters. Try to use one filter at the time to see the effect of each one alone. You don't have to delete your existing filters to do this; simply mark them as inactive (a red X should be displayed next to an inactive filter, active ones have a green circle). This problem can happen when you design a few filters that reject a lot of combinations and there is not a single combination in your initial ticket listing that can pass all of the filters. Another problem might be e.g. you set a filter to reject everything (all its values are se to NO). Remember to select "Genarator tickets" as the initial ticket listing in stage 3 calculations if you want to use your 28 numbers set as described earlier.

I'll comment on some of the filters you want to use and what you have to do for them:
odd/even -> in mass category
final digits -> probably you refer to the last digit filter
consecutives -> obvious
the amount of times numbers appeared together in previous draws -> Common appearances
decades -> Lotto Architect uses a more general approach to decades. The filter you seek for is "overall rows" column 10xY (Y depends on the game you play). This filter displays how many rows are occupied by a combination in an XxY shape (X means a row has X numbers and Y the total rows available in this shape), so by using this filter and say e.g. 10xY accept only 3 rows (1,2,4-Max value set to NO), then your accepted combinations will occupy exactly 3 decades. Decades in the 10xY design are 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 etc. If you need more complicated decades or other range design e.g. different start of decade ranges such as 3-12, 13-22, 23-32 etc then you have to use number groups to achieve that (more complicated anyway).

I hope the above make things more clear, if not let me know where you face problems.


Hi lottoarchitect,

Thanks for the response and pointing me in the right direction. Figured that some of the filters I use might be mutually exclusive but didn't know how to check, don't know why I didn't even think of checking them one by one as you suggested *lol*. Thanks again for all your help, it is much appreciated!!!!!


You can also place each filter in a different Session - you might find managing them a bit easier with them seperated so that you can choose to use a Session or not. You can also see the lines rejected for each of the Sessions as you cycle through them.


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