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Wheel Generator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Wheel Generator?

Wheel Generator aims to minimize the cost of playing whilst maximizing the winning outcome for the given amount spent on lottery tickets. As soon as we introduce more numbers than the bare minimum required to play our lottery, the only meaningful way to keep the cost down is via wheels (or coverings as is the official term). The major benefit of Wheel Generator is it can maximize the potential winning outcome for the amount we plan to spend on our tickets.

How exactly is this possible?

A highly advanced construction engine has been implemented in Wheel Generator, based on covering theory, proprietary analysis, highly optimized structures and logic and ultimately, the desire of the author himself to get the most we can for any given amount we plan to spend on lotteries. Although details of the construction engine cannot be given, wouldn't it be a utopia to say this is possibly the most powerful covering engine ever created and be available to public. Wheel Generator has a long history in creating coverings at World Record standing and currently holds many records, which are testament to of the power it holds.

So, why is Wheel Generator better compared to coverings already available at the internet?

The short description says that coverings as found on the internet are static constructions (and this is how we'll call them from now on); not tailored or specifically designed for the properties your lotto game might require, nor allow room for some common practices lotto players usually incorporate to their playing strategy. As an example, most lotto players avoid playing numbers that have been drawn recently. In fact they do not want to even play more than 2 numbers of those appeared in the last draw. Static coverings as found on the internet, do not care about this, simply because they cannot compensate for the player's requirements. Contrary to this, Wheel Generator builds coverings dynamically, which is to change the structure of the covering to accommondate these requirements for the benefit of the player and support his playing strategy. The outcome is a much better and more rewarding tickets to play satisfying every particular need.

Does Wheel Generator pick numbers for me?

No. Wheel Generator is an optimizer, not a predictor. We have released an advanced lottery numbers predictor, named G.A.T. Engine which can be used to supply numbers to Wheel Generator or any other program which requires lotto numbers as input. We also offer a bundle of Wheel Generator and G.A.T. Engine at a discount as these two programs offer a complete solution to lottery play and complement each other perfectly!

Do I have to supply my numbers to Wheel Generator so to get tickets to play?

Wheel Generator can operate in various modes. The simplest mode, which does not require a selection of numbers, makes use of what we call a set of "pointer" blocks. Whilst a wheel developed with pointer numbers will certainly demonstrate the capabilities of Wheel Generator, such wheels may not be of much use unless each pointer number has an actual number assigned to it; and there is little point in applying filters to a pointer number construction.

On the other hand, if you provide your selection of numbers to Wheel Generator, then you can operate with all of the advanced modes available in the program but the main point is you will get the best outcome of the tickets to play. Essentially, one way or another you will have to provide a selection of numbers if you plan to play with wheels (coverings).

Can Wheel Generator be used for other games besides Lotto?

Officially Wheel Generator supports only Lotto style games (i.e. those that pick 5 or 6 or 7 balls) where each drawn number will differ from the others. Coverings that take into account bonus balls can also be generated. Pick 3/4 or KENO is NOT supported. Unofficially Wheel Generator can be used to construct coverings for 1x2 (Totto) games, although it is not specifically designed to produce these constructions; the available tools provided make this a possibility.

What if I need support on usage or have any other question about Wheel Generator?

If the help file is not sufficient to answer your questions, the forums are always available for any other inquiries.