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Wheel Generator - lotto software

Multi Featured Dynamic Covering Construction

If you have the numbers, Wheel Generator will put them into intelligent play ...

Wheel Generator offering state-of-the-art dynamic covering construction engine for lotto play, is capable of producing minimal coverings at World Record standings! Offered are some unique features such as support for dual coverage optimization, multiple prize wins and filter constraints - all combined in the same covering! Never heard of such covering properties before? Wondering how this can assist you in improving your winnings when playing with coverings (wheels)? Keep on reading... you are on the right place!

Wheel Generator in detail

Wheel Generator generates wheels for lotto play using a unique mix of advanced features to maximize the potential winnings for the given amount to be spent. It is capable to produce World Record Standing outcomes and in fact it has already claimed many World Records in this area which is the testimony to the power it holds. Apart from its power however, the important aspect are the features offered which give ultimate freedom to construct and fine-tune a wheel to your precise needs!

Just a short list of available functionality:

Build open wheel (less than 100% coverage)
Build close wheel (100% coverage)
Build L>1 wheel (more than 100% coverage) - unique feature
Dual coverage wheel - unique feature
Incorporate filters as part of the design, not filtering afterwards! - unique feature
Utilize mother coverings - unique feature
Generate matrix constructions of any complexity
Generate abbreviated matrix constructions targeting x if k - unique feature

...and several more!

Windows XP and upwards
256-512 MB of memory is sufficient for most runs
Internet connection on start-up, an always-on-line connection for Usage Points utilisation

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